Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Stuff happens - probability of rare events

This morning while I was running through a mall parking lot in Houston bird crashed into my head. As I used my keen survival instincts, ducked and emitted a high pitched squeal (not too different from what you would hear from an 8-year old girl) I made a few more steps before I realized what happened. The bird flew to a nearby tree and perched on a branch looking at me. I figure even birds can't help but love my glorious mane. I continued on and really didn't believe that actually happened. I still brush my fingers through my hair to check the bird didn't steal some of my hair.

Now I think about all the miles I have run in my life and cannot believe this rare event happened. Now will it every happen again? Will I be more cautious around birds? I am not even sure what point I have, but I can't help and think about this Gulf Oil Spill. Will we actually learn from our experience. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

A day after it happened and I still cannot believe it did. Did the bird accidentally hit my head? Or did the bright halo over my attract it?

Chesko said...

Dude what's with you an birds? Are you... the birdman?

Anonymous said...

MY huge head is so large it has its own gravity pull! Thanks for the comment.