Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Disaster in the Gulf- Presidental Address

I do not even know where to start. I just finished watching our President's Address. I am in Awe. That was one of the best speeches I have ever heard. I feel inspired. I do not ever in my life remember feeling like this after hearing someone someone talk. He was clear, direct, and everything he made sense. I am going for a run (barefoot of course) and I have to think about his speech more, but I feel better about this whole mess right now. Some quick notes- I feel better- he should reward his speech writing team. I actually cannot say more. I need to absorb this.


Math said...

It's ok to give our president credit for speaking well; however, this is a small thing to make note of in my opinion. I'll be inspired when I see results.

rocketsciencesense said...

Agreed. My other friend had the same comment. I was judging the content of the words on the merit to the current situation and not on previous experience with the speaker. Let us see what the follow through is.