Saturday, October 29, 2011

Runnings log: the first cold run of the season

I went running barefoot by the Yonkers waterfront yesterday after work.  The temperature did drop here in New York, but still not too bad (although I hear it is showing in Manhattan right now).  As I huffed along, a girl coming out of a resturant spotted me and said "What the f--, yo-- Purteo Rican style!" when she got over the shock of seeing me barefooting.  I proudly did a few fist-pumps and continued on my way. As I past another couple a guy did another double take and I heard him say "what- I am freezing in a coat and boots and that guy is in shorts and a t-shirt running barefoot!".  That one made me laugh, but I continued on.  Just an example of how resilient and adaptable the human body is.  (during this past summer- I limited the amount of air conditioning I used to save energy and you know what- I survived).

My posting has been off since graduate school and work has exploded, but I want to give an update.  Last winter, I completely stopped running and ate myself up to my heaviest every.  This winter I plan on getting back into shape for next summer.

So much more to say, but time is out for now.


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Lefty's in history: American Civil War Edition

I enjoy reading RelaxMax over at

And he has been posting about the battle of Gettysburg, which I recommend if you are so inclined. So anyway, this left update is for you RelaxMax:

During the American Civil War, there was only one soldier to enlist as a private and end the war as a general officer. And he was left handed with no formal military training.

Nathan Bedford Forrest became a lieutenant general I the Confederate Army after enlisting as a private.

Our disposable culture

I follow and found this post today:


It makes the argument that the accepted disposable diapers save water is incorrect since refining petroleum also requires water. And the fact is that water usage is not the key factor since it is re-newable where as petroleum is limited resource.

I also thought the augment in favor of disposables was also the energy and water use required for cleaning and drying reusable diapers. I agree that the disposable expends non-reusable resources in production and then takes up space in a landfill if it doesn't end up in the ocean. I refer anyone to search the "pacific plastic patch" or check out my post .

We must start considering all costs- especially the hidden costs of disposable goods. We must change. I also recommend "the story of stuff". It really has changed the way I think about spending my money and the products I buy.

I don't know what the future will bring, but I know we must change. Given our failing (or failed) economy, we need a future system that is not so centered on endless consumption of limited expendable resources.  A part of that is changing our disposable is good mindset.  We became so centered on economic growth we never considered the consequences.

Another thing that never should have fallen in disfavor is using the sun (when available) to dry clothes.

I have been busy with work and school (I am now in graduate school) so my blogging time is in short supply, but as always you comments are welcome and I will do my best to respond.