Monday, June 14, 2010

I am unstoppable

This morning I woke up and jumped out of bed. I could not wait to start the day. I am taking a training class and arrived in Houston (Go NASA!) late last night. I recently started barefoot running and I am addicted. During and after a run I feel great.

The training class is about 2.4 miles on foot. I asked the concierge in the hotel lobby (I am staying at a beautiful holiday inn). When he gave me driving directions via a highway I asked how the neighbor was to walk (I am from Brooklyn so I know to at least ask if there are any shady areas- safety first). He looked at me and said "oh, that's way too far to way." "Not for me" I replied- I am get anywhere on foot. I walked the distance and did better time then I did last week for 3 miles.

Is that such a radical idea- to walk somewhere. I don't really understand. I don't not understand why some people look at me like I am a god. (I am really, really smart and handsome, but please I am actually very modest.)

Is this really that strange?

I am unstoppable.

Frank Hark

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