Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The bright future technology will bring...

By 2000, the machines will be producing so much that everyone in the U.S. will be independently wealthy. With government benefits, even nonworking families will have, by one estimate, an annual income of $30,000 to $40,000... How to use leisure meaningfully will be a major problem.

prediction in TIME magazine, February 25, 1966

Of course a lot has changed since then.  I remember reading somewhere that "futurists" at the turn of the 19th century, circa 1900, predicted that given the improvements from productivity from machine the average work day would drop to 6 hours a day with a 8 month work year.  But what has actually happened: we work more on average.  Competition and the wealth disparity means that all the bonus from the increased productivity is going to the most wealthy. 

Just look at the fact that most corporations are making record profits, the major banks are sitting on a record amount of cash, and the dow jones (lower case on purpose) just closed above 13,000.   Meanwhile most of the world is starving (even though the Earth can produce enough food for everyone) and average wages have not grown with the increase in productivity.   I don't know what the future will bring, but I don't think any system can survive these kind of imbalances.

And this discrepancy is an artifact of our system.  Why is there wealthy disparity?  Why would the very top want to "spread the wealth".  Like Ford wanted to pay his workers wages that they could afford to own a car which was radical for the time.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Japan revisited: My visit to a Buddist temple

So I got back two weeks ago, but I am only now back on a regular schedule. Well I still have a few pictures to share, stories to tell, and wacky observations to make.

On my last day we finished early on Friday afternoon so we had a few hours to walk around and got the opportunity to visit a Buddhist temple.  It was impressive how quiet it was (of course it was early Friday afternoon and no one else was around) and how large given how tight the rest of the city is.  I already mentioned how extremely small the side streets were.
This was the entrance.

What the picture above may not show well is that board contains paper which are prayers that are placed there and are supposed to raise to heaven.  (the previous sentence may in fact be totally incorrect.)

While we were there a ceremony was going on and I took this video.  I do not have the foggiest idea of what is going on but I did try and show the elaborate art on the ceiling.  I took the video trying to be as quiet as possible and didn't notice a huge rope hanging from a huge bell right next to me.  Thankfully I didn't knock into it.

Overall it was a great experience.  On an additional note the hotel had both a bible and a Buddhist bible(?).  (Sorry for my ignorance and I am actually interested in Buddhism.)  I still didn't see any ninjas, but as everyone reminds me they still might have been there!

Monday, February 27, 2012

App Review for Android: Dogg Catcher

One of my favorite things recently has been using the app for my Droid Bionic called Dogg Catcher.  You will have to pay $5.99 (or so) for it, but I feel it is really worth it. I've upgraded my phone and thankfully Google or Verizon automatically transferred it to my new phone (which did not happen with Dragon's T9 mobile text-to-speech app which I haven't found very useful, but to be fair I haven't spent much time using it). And just so you know I am pretty much against paying for apps- I would say fugal, but others would say cheap. I actually had a conversation with a one-use friend who recommended it. (Damn, what was the term Ed Norton used in "Fight Club" to describe people you meet once and have a conversation with and then never see or talk to again- like everything else you get when you travel that is single-use.)

What it does: Dogg Catcher allows you to track and download to your phone articles, videos, and podcasts from the web to your mobile phone.  You can then review them on your phone at a later time.

One of the things I loved to do was go to the library and take out audio books and listen to them while driving.  I found it so much better then listening to the same six songs played over and over again that are played on the radio. Of course, now I don't have the free time to go to the library.  I have also looked into and I refuse $15 for an electronic file especially when I will most likely listen once and I can get most at the library for free.  I agree with an article I read on about the term Forced ARTifical Scarcity (FARTS)- most of prices we pay are determined by general opinion.  Prices would have to drop to around 5 bucks before I start buying audio files even though I waste money in other strange ways.

Now I can keep up on a number of podcasts and videos and review them while traveling, whether it is driving, flying, or riding the train.

Here are a few of the podcasts I really enjoy (all free once you pay the app fee):

  1. SciFri: Science Friday Audio Podcast: weekly show covering diverse topics in science
  2. Freakonomics Radio: from the authors of the book
  3. TEDtalks: videos from which I have blogged about before, TED- ideas worth spreading
  4. Stuff You Missed in History Class
  5. Stuff You Should know
  6. Skeptoid: Critical Analysis of Pop Phenomena
  7. Stuff from the Future
Now there is also two feeds from YouTube, but I haven't had luck on figuring out how to download specific YouTube videos for review without a 4G connection. [Update: I checked and youtube only allows streaming] Again when traveling I sometimes lose connection and YouTube videos will stop.  When the connection drops many time I have to start at the very beginning.  It is a big advantage being able to download the entire video and to not be at the mercy of an connection.  Especially on a fly when there is no connection available.

I really feel this helps because I get so much information on science, current events and history.  I recommend it to you as well.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Sharing Knowledge: The awesome Khan Academy

Old Paradigm: Knowledge is Power

New Paradigm: Share Knowledge is True Power

I love the Khan Academy.  This entire concept is one of the things that really shows the power of the internet and gives me hope for the future of humankind.

Now I just wish I could remember what book I read that quote above from.  Create power, share the knowledge.

Stopping your Google Search History

On March 1st Google is changing their Privacy Policy.  Your Web search history will then be used by all of Google's other products.

More detail information is available here:

If you want to stop Google from gathering this information for their other products then follow these four simple steps:
1) Sign into your Google account.
2) Go to
3) Click "remove all Web History."
4) Click "ok"

This does not stop Google from gathering the information from gathering and storing this information, it only stops them from using it in their other products.

Click the link above for more information if interested.  Just thought I would share...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Broken Feedback Loops: CEO pay

One of our biggest problems are the broken feedback loops in our society. A lot of rewards are given for unknown or even counter-intuitive reasons.

So according to this article, AT&T cut $2,000,000 from there CEO’s pay for 2011 due to the bad gamble that cost the company $4,000,000,000. No, I believe CEOs get more credit than they deserve (just like I feel presidents do). And he still made over 20 million- so he lost less than 10% of his pay on gambling $4 trillion. Of course this is another example of the unbalanced rewarding at the top of risky behavior.

How are not the average workers getting more of the profits when things are going well? Plus corporations are currently making record profits.

This is a fundamental problem with our current society. This reminds me of the story from the 90s. Congress was so upset that CEO was so much larger than theirs- (in my opinion). Congress then made a bill that all public corporations had to disclose CEO compensation with the intention of reducing it. Now their thinking was that people would not accept such outrageous pay. And the result of this new mid-90s legislation- CEO pay has increased steadily to even more outrageous levels since ever other CEO knows what everyone is making. So they all negotiate ever higher packages and golden parachutes.

I really don’t understand how their compensation is not more performance based or made with more long term vesting. Too often they are reward for short term gains which leads to policy with long term ramifications. I am of course thinking of many examples, but Enron is a specific one that comes to mind. A lot of those a$$holes got away with millions and just fundamentally immoral actions.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Game of Porclien Thrones

I have since returned from my travels in Japan and I am still dealing with adjusting back to east coast time- but that is for another post.  I figured I would add to my experiences while there.  As I already mentioned, they have the pinnicle of washroom commode technology. So I'll start with some pictures of this technological marvel:

And here is a close up of the arm control panel.  Imagine yourself to be commander of the starship Enterprise just like I did.  Just don’t ask about my sound effects!

Now this is obvious the Cadillac version and winner of the “Games of Thrones”. I did, however, also experience the full variety of posterior mounts (not sure I being as clever I as think at 5:30 in the morning). There are actually normal toilets, but there was also “the Squat”.   Now I have read that squatting, as they do in most of Asia, is much healthier when than our seated position.  I tried it and I stick with our unhealthy seated position.   Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture.  The worst was “the hole”.  I didn’t have the guts to try this model out.  Here is it shown below:

And another perspective:

Just to be complete the urinals were a different style notably going much lower to the floor:

The adventures continue...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wandering Japan

Last night we took the hotel shuttle to the Kobe city center (I think).  We got spun around and almost totally lost before realizing we weren't very far from our hotel at all.

Once we were oriented we walked the underground shopping district.  This went on for blocks although I have no idea how far it goes.  We feared getting lost again so we didn't last long.

The streets are very narrow and I was always amazed that almost all of them allowed car traffic.

The moon looked awesome last night through the cityscape, but the picture above does not do it justice.

The translated sign, as I mentioned previously, do have some funny results but this one is just distrubing outside a restaurant.

We finished our journey right by china town and ate dinner at a dumpling house.  I found this full-size (actually bigger than actual size) Bruce Lee Statue.

Exhausted by this time we went right back to the hotel.  It has taken four brutal days, but I think I am 90% adjusted to the 14 hour time difference.  Just in time to head back to New York.

Japanese Offices

I already mentioned how I noticed few waste baskets. So here are few other things I notice that are different.

-the lights turn off automatically at 12 noon to signal to stop working and have lunch

-Music comes on at 7:50 AM and the announcer leads an exercise regime. Out of the 4 co-workers only one got up to do them.

-The conference room entire walls are white-boards, which are awesome.

-They have no cubicles, so you can look eye to eye to the person at the desk opposite you. And most people sit ram-rod straight backed

-They use two receptions that sit like robots everyday and don’t seem to even talk to each other. Very different from receptions in America

Monday night we wandered around to find a I don’t really know what is going on in this sign, but it looks pretty strange. So either the fish is eating the pig or the pig finished eating the fish whole some time ago. Somehow we were able to resist the urge to go in.

A few streets down we came upon this place:

Of course I couldn’t resist with a place so “considerably small…” and small by choice. The sign made us all laugh. We entered and there were shoes neatly placed around the edge so we followed suit and removed our shoes. Once we were seated I actually didn’t feel the place was all that small. The waitress spoke no English so we ended up ordering three random dishes and figured out the place was actually a Korean restaurant. No one was disappointed and no food was left uneaten.

I did manage to make a spectacle of myself when I had to crawl along the bench between our table and the one next to us. There was no way I could stand so I just went with it. Apparently everyone at the table next to us was watching and as soon as I made it passed ready to reorient myself to stand one SOB at the next table walked past me into the small restroom. Curses, foiled again, so I just laid there until the rest was free.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I think I am turning Japanese: Vendor Machine Heaven

I have already mentioned my experience with commodes while I am in Kobe, Japan this week. I have always heard about Japanese technology domination and how advance they are (by some accounts five years ahead!). So far I have not seen any evidence of that. Some laptops are a little smaller, but hey so are most of the people (height and girth- the average person is rather thin). Most cell phones look worn and well used, but nothing really advanced. There is area this is really advanced- vending machines. They are everywhere. Mostly cigarette and drink machines are seen on about every street. But last night we really experienced the advanced nature of Japanese society. I was able to purchase beer from a vending machine. The machine was hidden in a nook on a tiny side street. The machine was worn and looked like it has taken quite a beating. Of course, this isn’t really a technical issue. I just really like beer and being able to purchase it from a vendor machine.

My real question is how they enforce the drinking age. I couldn’t make out what it is here in Japan, at least not from the vending machine itself. Of course I have the same question for there cigarette machine, although I believe the smoking age is 20 or so I gathered from the machines. I think the Japanese are just very lawful. I am a New Yorker and we are known for jay walking. Hey, I am not going to wait for a light when no cars are coming- I have places to be. Last night a lady gave the look of death as I crossed a small street against the light. So it must be general culture to conform and follow the accepted rules.

The real example of an advanced vending machine I experienced at work. The floor of the building of the meeting I was attending didn’t have a typical coffee machine. Three varieties of tea, one Japanese and two Chinese, were provided free of charge via a small machine. The only coffee was available via a vending machine. Sometimes I need a good coffee (America!- side note: Do you know why coffee is so popular in America and not tea like in most of the rest of the world? The Boston tea party- the original anti-corporation protest that started it all- do not tell me it is not American to protest corporate greed. The tea that was thrown overboard in protest of taxes in Boston Harbor belonged to the East Indian Trading company- one of the first corporations. Thank you “Priates of the Caribean”. You enjoy your coffee knowing it is precisely what helped identify you as an American revolutionary. Side note end: I would say I am sorry for the ramble, but I am not.) So I looked over the selection of vendor beverages and saw numerous options with “café” on the can. I choose one, a “Café au Lait” and put in my 100 yen coin. When I retrieved the can I was surprised to find it was heated, almost too hot to hold. And that is the real technical advantage. Hot or cold canned beverages. For overall and layman's perspective this might not seen as a huge technical feat, and I sure do not know much about vending machine design, but my assumption is that there were probably almost 100 things that had to be created to produce these hot/cold vending machines. Usually the further into details you go the more challenges you must overcome. The term “the devil is in the details” comes to mind.

Travels in the east: further ponderings while upon the porcelain throne of amenities

Kobe overall, as I mentioned before, is extremely neat and clean. I notice about 40-50 percent of people wear those surgical masks on the streets. I have heard that the Japanese were extreme germ-a-phobes and this is an obvious example. They were the first country to deal with anti-biotic resistant germs due culture fear of germs and resultant overuse of anti-septic.

But one experience has trumped all others- the act of a dump itself. So far I have noticed the minor difference is bathroom stall doors go also to the floor as opposed to American ones which is usually a foot off, bad news for self-hating politicians who like to play footsies in public restrooms. The real difference is the toilet itself. There is the obvious difference when you first see one. On the left-hand side of the toilet (when front one, right –hand side when sitting) is a armature with a number of buttons. There is also a wire or pipe connection and the seat is noticeably thicker than a typical American one.

The new experience continues when you first sit down because the seat is heated. It is actually quite disconcerting the first time (now it is old hat). The seat has a substantially difference feel. Now from here is where you have a choice. You can do nothing and you experience is really limited to the heated seat. All you have to do is just ignore the command console on the right-hand side. Naturally, curiosity got the best of me. I pushed the symbol that looks like a butt getting hit by a water jet. The warm water hit with such force and at such an angle that tickled so much I almost jumped straight up. I began laughing uproarishly (ok, that might not be an actual word). And those of you who know me personally know I laugh big. I didn’t stand up and kept laughing. I now stayed on the seat strict to prevent the imaged jet of water spraying all over the bathroom , although in truth I don’t really expect that now that I my butt is being tickled and I can think clearly. So at first I stayed laughing hysterical on the commode assuming the water would shutoff on its own. It quickly became obvious that it wasn’t shutoff on its own while I am sure the rest of the floor on my hotel was wondering what was going on. I decide to look down at the control panel and I am slightly confused. It takes longer than it should to realize that maybe the button titled “OFF” would shutoff the water. I hit the button it thankfully stops. All in all quite the new experience.

I recommend these and actually this is my new bar for success- getting one of these installed at home.

Travels to the east: My first day in Japan

So I have arrived in Kobe and I will be here for the next week. I took a flight from JFK in NY with a change over in Seattle. Total travel time from wheels up to wheels down, not including trips to and from airports- 19 hours. Kobe and the surrounding area is very neat and clean with will laid out infrastructure.

One of the first things I notice were three large Ferris wheels, like the large on in London, on the hour bus ride from Kensi Airport to my hotel, the Okura Kobe. Also, there is some construction ongoing right next to the hotel. The construction workers wear outfits that look like they below in a 70s B sci-fi movie. The have rows of blinking Christmas lights on the chest. I don’t think a picture does it justice so I have included this so video.

After arriving at the hotel we took a quick walk around to locate a quick bite of food and some provisions for the room. After doing a quick round of an open air shopping mall we settle on buying a pizza. It was small and really expensive. I thought I was immune to price shock being from NY and paying Manhattan prices, but our 10” pizza was 1680 yen- about 23 dollars. Two 1.5 liter bottles of soda and 4-pack of green tea were about 12 dollars. At a 7-11 in NY I would estimate the equal to be around six bucks, at most.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ridiculous official designations for the month of February

National Pull your Sofa Off the Wall Month

February 7: Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day (although I sure one finger gets waved all year)

February 9: Read in the Bathtub Day (Save water and do it with a friend)

February 11: Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day (I can't even think of a silly comment)

February 18: Thumb Appreciation Day (Not the digit I was thinking of, but hey it is important- how would people hitchhike)

February 23: Curling is Cool Day (The strange Canadian Sport or Hair Styling Act?)

February 28: Public Sleeping Day (This one I might celebrate)

These make me wonder who makes official designations.  Almost effort to waste more time looking it up. Almost...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Skyrim: Potion components

Elder Scroll V: Skyrim is an excellent game for Xbox 360 and PS3 that I have been wasting a lot of time with.  If you are not familar with the game then ignore this post.

One of thing you can do is mix ingredients to make potions, however the combinations are unknown at the outset of the game.  You can experiement and find combinations that work.  You can also look online (I went here) and find an alphically listing of ingredients with all four of their different effects.  Of course the formats I found online are not the easiest for finding components with the same effects to successfully make a potion.  So after a little copy and paste and further excel macro magic (my excel abilities are not God-like, I am an Excel-GOD- haha I crack myself up, but seriously excel marcos are useful) I compiled the list below which is sorted by effect. 

I find this format easier for producing potions with the available ingredients I have.  Feel free to share this with anyone and comment if you find any mistakes.  Also let me know if you can think of a better organization or even if you find a better web page.

I wish I could figure out a better format, but I hopefully some people may find this useful (if you are already wasting time on Skyrim.)  Happy Dragon Hunting. 

(Note: I updated this post when I notice nirnroot was mis-spelled nimroot.  It is now corrected)

Vampire Dust                      Cure Diease

Charred Skeever Hide          Cure Disease

Hawk Feathers                     Cure Disease

Mudcrab Chitin                    Cure Disease

Crimson Nirnroot                 Damage Health

Deathbell                             Damage Health

Ectoplasm                           Damage Health

Falmer Ear                           Damage Health

Human Flesh                       Damage Health

Human heart                        Damage Health

Imp Stool                           Damage Health

Nightshade                          Damage Health

Nirrnroot                              Damage Health

Red Mountain Flower           Damage Health

River Betty                         Damage Health

Skeever Tail                       Damage Health

Troll Fat                            Damage Health

Void Salts                          Damage Health

Small Antlers                     Damage Health

Daedra Heart                     Damage Magicka

Glow Dust                        Damage Magicka

Hagraven Feathers             Damage Magicka

Hanging Moss                  Damage Magicka

Luna Moth Wing              Damage Magicka

Namira’s Rot                   Damage Magicka

Nordic Barnacle               Damage Magicka

Butterfly Wing                 Damage Magicka

Eye of Sabre Cat             Damage Magicka

Human heart                    Damage Magicka

Bear Claws                      Damage Magicka Regen

Blue Butterfly Wing          Damage Magicka Regen

Blue Mountain Flower       Damage Magicka Regen

Chaurus Eggs                   Damage Magicka Regen

Chicken Egg                    Damage Magicka Regen

Glow Dust                       Damage Magicka Regen

Hanging Moss                  Damage Magicka Regen

Human heart                     Damage Magicka Regen

Nightshade                       Damage Magicka Regen

Spider Egg                       Damage Magicka Regen

Spriggan Sap                   Damage Magicka Regen

Blisterwort                       Damage Stamina

Blue Butterfly Wing          Damage Stamina

Bone Meal                       Damage Stamina

Canis Root                      Damage Stamina

Cyrodilic Spadetail            Damage Stamina

Giant’s Toe                      Damage Stamina

Spider Egg                       Damage Stamina

Crimson Nirrnroot             Damage Stamina

Nirrnroot                           Damage Stamina

Rock warbler Egg            Damage Stamina

Creep Cluster                   Damage Stamina Regen

Daedra Heart                     Damage Stamina Regen

Frost Mirriam                   Damage Stamina Regen

Giant’s Toe                     Damage Stamina Regen

Histcarp                          Damage Stamina Regen

Juniper Berries                 Damage Stamina Regen

Large Antlers                   Damage Stamina Regen

Silverside Perch              Damage Stamina Regen

Skeever Tail                    Damage Stamina Regen

Wheat                             Damage Stamina Regen

Blue Dartwing                 Fear

Cyrodilic Spadetail          Fear

Daedra Heart                   Fear

Namira’s Rot                   Fear

Powdered Mammoth Tusk Fear

Grass Pod                     Fortify Alteration

River Betty                    Fortify Alteration

Spriggan Sap                 Fortify Alteration
Butterfly Wing               Fortify Barter

Dragon’s Tongue           Fortify Barter

Hagraven Claw              Fortify Barter

Tundra Cotton              Fortify Barter
Bleeding Crown            Fortify Block

Briar Heart                    Fortify Block

Honeycomb                  Fortify Block

Pearl                             Fortify Block

Slaughterfish Scales      Fortify Block

Tundra Cotton               Fortify Block
Creep Cluster                 Fortify Carry Weight

Giant’s Toe                    Fortify Carry Weight

Hawk Beak                     Fortify Carry Weight

River Betty                     Fortify Carry Weight

Scaly Pholioa                 Fortify Carry Weight
Blue Butterfly Wing         Fortify Conjuration

Blue Mountain Flower       Fortify Conjuration

Bone Meal                       Fortify Conjuration

Frost Salts                      Fortify Conjuration

Hagraven Feathers           Fortify Conjuration

Lavender                         Fortify Conjuration
Beehive Husk                  Fortify Destruction

Ectoplasm                      Fortify Destruction

Glow Dust                      Fortify Destruction

Glowing Mushroom        Fortify Destruction

Nightshade                     Fortify Destruction
Blue Butterfly Wing        Fortify Enchanting

Hagraven Claw               Fortify Enchanting

Snowberries                   Fortify Enchanting

Spriggan Sap                 Fortify Enchanting
Bear Claws                    Fortify Health

Blue Mountain Flower     Fortify Health

Giant’s Toe                    Fortify Health

Glowing Mushroom       Fortify Health

Hanging Moss               Fortify Health

Wheat                           Fortify Health
Ice Wraith Teeth            Fortify Heavy Armor

Sabre Cat Tooth            Fortify Heavy Armor

Slaughterfish Scales       Fortify Heavy Armor

Thistle Branch               Fortify Heavy Armor

White Cap                    Fortify Heavy Armor
Dragon’s Tongue          Fortify illusion

Dwarven Oil                  Fortify Illusion

More Tapinella              Fortify Illusion

Scaly Pholioa                Fortify Illusion

Taproot                        Fortify Illusion
Beehive Husk                Fortify Light Armor

Hawk Feathers              Fortify Light Armor

Honeycomb                  Fortify Light Armor

Luna Moth Wing           Fortify Light Armor

Skeever Tail                  Fortify Light Armor
Falmer Ear                     Fortify Lockpicking

Namira’s Rot                Fortify Lockpicking

Pine Thrush Egg            Fortify Lockpicking

Spider Egg                    Fortify Lockpicking
Briar Heart                     Fortify Magicka

Ectoplasm                     Fortify Magicka

Histcarp                        Fortify Magicka

Jazbay Grapes               Fortify Magicka

Red Mountain Flower      Fortify Magicka

Tundra Cotton                 Fortify Magicka

Void Salts                      Fortify Magicka
Canis Root                    Fortify Marksman

Elves Ear                       Fortify Marksman

Juniper Berries               Fortify Marksman

Spider Egg                    Fortify Marksman
Bear Claws                   Fortify One-handed

Canis Root                   Fortify One-handed

Hanging Moss               Fortify One-handed

Hawk Feathers               Fortify One-handed

Rock warbler Egg          Fortify One-handed

Small Pearl                    Fortify One-handed
Blue Dartwing               Fortify Pickpocket

Nordic Barnacle            Fortify Pickpocket

Orange Dartwing           Fortify Pickpocket

Slaugterfish Egg            Fortify Pickpocket
Abecean Longfin          fortify restoration

Cyrodilic Spadetail       Fortify Restoration

Salt Pile                       Fortify Restoration

Small Antlers               Fortify Restoration

Small Pearl                  Fortify Restoration
Blisterwort                  Fortify Smithing

Glowing Mushroom     Fortify Smithing

Sabre Cat Tooth          Fortify Smithing

Spriggan Sap              Fortify Smithing
Abecean Longfin         Fortify Sneak

Beehive Husk               Fortify Sneak

Frost Mirriam               Fortify Sneak

Hawk Feathers             Fortify Sneak

Human Flesh               Fortify Sneak

Powdered Mammoth Tusk Fortify Sneak

Purple Mountain Flower Fortify Sneak
Chaurus Eggs              Fortify Stamina

Garlic                          Fortify Stamina

Large Antlers               Fortify Stamina

Lavender                     Fortify Stamina

Slaugterfish Egg          Fortify Stamina

Torchbug Thorax        Fortify Stamina
Dragon’s Tongue        Fortify Two-handed

Fly Amanita                Fortify Two-handed

Troll Fat                     Fortify Two-handed
Blisterwort                  Frenzy

Fly Amanita                Frenzy

Hagraven Feathers      Frenzy

Human heart               Frenzy

Troll Fat                     Frenzy

Falmer Ear                 Frenzy
Chaurus Eggs             Invisibility

Crimson Nirrnroot       Invisibility

Ice Wraith Teeth         Invisibility

Luna Moth Wing         Invisibility

Nirrnroot                      Invisibility

Vampire Dust              Invisibility
Imp Stool                  Lingering Damage Health

More Tapinella          Lingering Damage Health

Orange Dartwing        Lingering Damage Health

Slaughterfish Scales    Lingering Damage Health

Slaugterfish Egg          Lingering Damage Health
Hagraven Claw                   Lingering Damage Magicka

Purple Mountain Flower      Lingering Damage Magicka

Swamp Fungal Pod             Lingering Damage Magicka

Torchbug Thorax               Lingering Damage Magicka

Wheat                               Lingering Damage Magicka
Butterfly Wing            Lingering Damage Stamina

Chicken Egg               Lingering Damage Stamina

Nightshade                 Lingering Damage Stamina

Small Antlers              Lingering Damage Stamina
Briar Heart                 Paralysis

Canis Root                Paralysis

Human Flesh             Paralysis

Imp Stool                  Paralysis

Swamp Fungal Pod    Paralysis
Cyrodilic Spadetail              Ravage Health

Eye of Sabre Cat                 Ravage Health

Giant Lichen                       Ravage Health

Jazbay Grapes                    Ravage Health

Silverside Perch                  Ravage Health

Skeever Tail                       Ravage Health
Frost Mirriam                Ravage Magicka

Grass Pod                    Ravage Magicka

Lavender                       Ravage Magicka

Orange Dartwing           Ravage Magicka

Red Mountain Flower    Ravage Magicka

White Cap                    Ravage Magicka
Bee                 Ravage Stamina

Bone Meal        Ravage Stamina

Deathbell          Ravage Stamina

Honeycomb      Ravage Stamina

Thistle Branch    Ravage Stamina
Garlic                        Regenerate Health

Juniper Berries           Regenerate Health

Luna Moth Wing        Regenerate Health

Namira’s Rot             Regenerate Health

Nordic Barnacle         Regenerate Health

Vampire Dust            Regenerate Health
Dwarven Oil             Regenerate Magicka

Fire Salts                  Regenerate Magicka

Garlic                       Regenerate Magicka

Jazbay Grapes         Regenerate Magicka

Moon Sugar              Regenerate Magicka

Salt Pile                    Regenerate Magicka

Taproot                    Regenerate Magicka
Bee                          Regenerate Stamina

Fly Amanita              Regenerate Stamina

More Tapinella          Regenerate Stamina

Scaly Pholioa            Regenerate Stamina
Bone Meal                 Resist Fire

Dragon’s Tongue        Resist Fire

Elves Ear                     Resist Fire

Fire Salts                   Resist Fire

Fly Amanita               Resist Fire

Mudcrab Chitin          Resist Fire

Snowberries                Resist Fire
Frost Mirriam             Resist Frost

Frost Salts                 Resist Frost

Hawk Beak                Resist Frost

Moon Sugar               Resist Frost

Purple Mountain Flower Resist Frost

Silverside Perch          Resist Frost

Slaughterfish Scales     Resist Frost

Small Pearl                 Resist Frost

Snowberries               Resist Frost

Thistle Branch           Resist Frost
Bleeding Crown               Resist Magic

Chicken Egg                    Resist Magic

Crimson Nirrnroot            Resist Magic

Hagraven Claw               Resist Magic

Lavender                        Resist Magic

Nirrnroot                         Resist Magic

Taproot                            Resist Magic

Tundra Cotton                 Resist Magic

Void Salts                       Resist Magic
Beehive Husk                  Resist Poison

Charred Skeever Hide          Resist Poison

Falmer Ear                     Resist Poison

Garlic                            Resist Poison

Grass Pod                    Resist Poison

Mudcrab Chitin              Resist Poison

Slaugterfish Egg              Resist Poison

Thistle Branch               Resist Poison

Troll Fat                        Resist Poison
Blue Dartwing                Resist Shock

Glow Dust                     Resist Shock

Glowing Mushroom          Resist Shock

Hawk Beak                      Resist Shock

Pearl                               Resist Shock

Pine Thrush Egg              Resist Shock

Snowberries                    Resist Shock

Swamp Fungal Pod            Resist Shock
Blisterwort                       Restore Health

Blue Dartwing                 Restore Health

Blue Mountain Flower        Restore Health

Butterfly Wing                   Restore Health

Charred Skeever Hide         Restore Health

Daedra Heart                      Restore Health

Eye of Sabre Cat                  Restore Health

Imp Stool                           Restore Health

Rock warbler Egg                Restore Health

Swamp Fungal Pod              Restore Health

Wheat                                Restore Health
Briar Heart                           Restore Magicka

Creep Cluster                       Restore Magicka

Dwarven Oil                         Restore Magicka

Ectoplasm                            Restore Magicka

Elves Ear                               Restore Magicka

Fire Salts                              Restore Magicka
Frost Salts                             Restore Magicka

Giant Lichen                            Restore Magicka

Grass Pod                               Restore Magicka

Human Flesh                           Restore Magicka

Moon Sugar                             Restore Magicka

More Tapinella                       Restore Magicka

Pearl                                      Restore Magicka

Red Mountain Flower            Restore Magicka

Vampire Dust                        Restore Magicka

White Cap                            Restore Magicka
Bear Claws                             Restore Stamina

Bee                                      Restore Stamina

Charred Skeever Hide             Restore Stamina

Eye of Sabre Cat                     Restore Stamina

Hawk Beak                          Restore Stamina

Histcarp                              Restore Stamina

Honeycomb                         Restore Stamina

Large Antlers                          Restore Stamina

Mudcrab Chitin                       Restore Stamina

Orange Dartwing                    Restore Stamina

Pearl                                     Restore Stamina

Pine Thrush Egg                   Restore Stamina

Powdered Mammoth Tusk     Restore Stamina

Purple Mountain Flower         Restore Stamina

Sabre Cat Tooth                     Restore Stamina

Silverside Perch                       Restore Stamina

Small Pearl                             Restore Stamina

Torchbug Thorax                   Restore Stamina
Deathbell                               Slow

Large Antlers                          Slow

River Betty                             Slow

Salt Pile                                   Slow
Chicken Egg             Waterbreathing

Histcarp                   Waterbreathing

Nordic Barnacle         Waterbreathing
Bleeding Crown                     Weakness to fire

Frost Salts                               Weakness to fire

Ice Wraith Teeth                     Weakness to Fire

Juniper Berries                       Weakness to fire

Moon Sugar                            Weakness to fire

Powdered Mammoth Tusk        Weakness to Fire
Abecean Longfin                      Weakness to frost

Elves Ear                                 Weakness to Frost

Fire Salts                                  Weakness to frost

Ice Wraith Teeth                       Weakness to frost

White Cap                               Weakness to frost
Creep Cluster                          Weakness to Magic

Dwarven Oil                            Weakness to magic

Jazbay Grapes                          Weakness to magic

Rock warbler Egg                   Weakness to Magic

Salt Pile                                 Weakness to Magic

Scaly Pholioa                         Weakness to Magic

Taproot                                  Weakness to Magic

Torchbug Thorax                   Weakness to Magic
Abecean Longfin                      weakness to poison

Bleeding Crown                        Weakness to poison

Deathbell                                 Weakness to Poison

Giant Lichen                            Weakness to poison

Pine Thrush Egg                        Weakness to poison

Sabre Cat Tooth                        Weakness to Poison

Chaurus Eggs                           Weakness to Poison

Small Antlers                             Weakness to Poison
Bee                                           Weakness to Shock

Giant Lichen                              Weakness to Shock

Hagraven Feathers                     Weakness to Shock

Void Salts                                 Weakness to shock