Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The skill of self confidence

If you think I am a cocky obnoxious SOB, it is not.  I am scare and unsure.  I use the affirmation "I am awesome" to keep myself positive and to spread that positiveness to other people.  I love this talk and it hits all the major points.  Keep at it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

William's Safire's Rules for writing good

I just found out about these and they are hilarious. As you know from reading this blog, I don't proofread it too much before posting.  I enjoy blogging and I don't have much time, so the decision becomes between polishing it and reducing publishing or just living with it.  I am also slightly dyslexic so I can read the same error many times and not notice it.  I hope it doesn't distract too much from your enjoyment.

Taken from:

William Safire's Rules for Writers:

  • Remember to never split an infinitive.
  • The passive voice should never be used.
  • Do not put statements in the negative form.
  • Verbs have to agree with their subjects.
  • Proofread carefully to see if you words out.
  • If you reread your work, you can find on rereading a great deal of repetition can be by rereading and editing.
  • A writer must not shift your point of view.
  • And don't start a sentence with a conjunction. (Remember, too, a preposition is a terrible word to end a sentence with.)
  • Don't overuse exclamation marks!!
  • Place pronouns as close as possible, especially in long sentences, as of 10 or more words, to their antecedents.
  • Writing carefully, dangling participles must be avoided.
  • If any word is improper at the end of a sentence, a linking verb is.
  • Take the bull by the hand and avoid mixing metaphors.
  • Avoid trendy locutions that sound flaky.
  • Everyone should be careful to use a singular pronoun with singular nouns in their writing.
  • Always pick on the correct idiom.
  • The adverb always follows the verb.
  • Last but not least, avoid cliches like the plague; seek viable alternatives.

Focus Forward Films

I just found GE's

As described on the website:

"GE FOCUS FORWARD films highlight exceptional people and world-changing ideas that have impacted the course of human development, now and then, or with great potential to significantly affect how we live in the next generation."

This is another project which promotes new ideas.  My favorite quote (which is also my email signoff)- "Knowledge is Power, share it and it will multiply".

So there are 30 movies and here are some quick thoughts on the few I have watched.

The Contenders:

This details the game created to solve a problem biologists couldn't solve.  Online collaborative gamers solved it in three weeks!

You don't know Jack:

"Jack Andraka, a high school sophomore, has developed a revolutionary new test for pancreatic cancer. The future of science is in the hands of our youth."  This young kid gives me hope for the future.  Directed by Morgan Spurlock, from "Supersize Me", I assume- and I dig his stuff.

Solar Roadways:

I love this idea, especially for less traveled roadways.  I had an idea bouncing around my head about place frames over roadways and growing ivy (or something similar) to capture carbon and for its cooling effect, but never fully developed it.  I live this alternative.

I'll post more when I get a chance if I see more interesting stuff.  As always, thanks for reading.