Monday, June 14, 2010

The Gulf Oil Spill- Part III

I assume by now my letter has reached the someone in power. All the responses I am getting tell me that people agree me with, but I have yet to hear from BP or receive a political appointment from the president. I did hear that BP's efforts are located in Houston, Texas. I happen to be here in Texas this week so I could swing by after 5PM. To everyone who took the time to read my blog. Thanks for all the support. I am still having trouble finding the podcast I did last week on http:\tvnewslies, but I am working it.

I now understand that the powers that be, the brain trust in charge with solving what is basically a plumbing problem, are talking about a nuclear BOMB solution. The nuclear bomb never solved anything- it creates problems. I want to give these jerks a broken glass bath followed by a rubbing alcohol shower.

Do not even consider this a solution! BP has access to the Bomb- what sane people would even talk about using a NUCLEAR BOMB as a solution. (And please don't not even consider defending this option by the evil empire's successful use of it- they were known as the evil empire (The Soviet Union- for you kids out there)). OK, wait a second, BP has access to THE BOMB!- I knew BP was large, profitable and powerful but they have the BOMB! Now I know corporate power is out of control. Stop the MADNESS. Maybe someone integent came up with this solution, but he sure isn't sane!

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