Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the secret- may you get what you ask for

So I went to Papacito’s (Manhattan ave and huron in Greenpoint) to meet up with my friend Mo (a fantastic bartender- TRASH BAR). As I am driving looking for a parking I find a awesome space. On one side is a driveway so I decide to be the nice guy I am and pull my truck as far forward to the driveway as possible. This will allow another person to fit as I think to myself- someone is going to ding my truck. Remember, no good deed goes unpunished (not true by the way). As I get out of my and go towards the back I dodge a girl in a tiny little red car. I move to the sidewalk and I see her attempt the parallel park. She failed and collided my rear driver’s side quarter panel with her passenger side front. I look and smile. Our eyes meet and I can see the sadness in hers. She gets out wearing this cute sun dress (yeah summer) and relate my thought about my car getting hit. She says “just like the secret”.

The universe is talking and I am listening. May you get what you ask for.

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