Monday, June 14, 2010

The Gulf Oil Spill- Part IV

I just remembered this whole situation sounds like an issue of G.I. Joe from twenty years ago. (Yes, I am a comic book dork- good ahead and make fun of me for being intelligent- I love it!- and anyone who has met me personally will tell you my head is the size and density of a cement block- you hit it and you'll do damage to yourself than you could possibly do to me).

I don't remember the actually issue (but I still have a copy- better hold onto it because it is probably going to be worth sometime someday- right after the world ends). The story goes like this- COBRA builds a secret underwater bunker with a device that kills off all the gulf fishes. Now the Joes must act. (wait a second- BP is COBRA!- it seems obvious now). The damage to the economy must be stopped. The decision is made use THE NUCLEAR OPTION. At the last minute, I think it was DOC, comes up with the alternate solution of dropping all conventional bombs instead of one Nuke to destroy the bunker- same effect no nuclear fall out. (G.I. Joe had their own super-carrier- it was the best toy ever- Mom and dad never bought it for me- but I did get to stare at it greedily for hours at Toys R us).

Why on earth can a comic book come from 20 years ago (even a brilliant comic like G.I.Joe) come up with a better solution than anything I have heard today.

Btw- COBRA built the bunker on a fault line and wanted the bomb used because their evil scientist knew that the explosion would create a new island. It worked and COBRA used their evil lawyer twins, XAMOT and TOMAX, to get America and the world to recognize COBRA Island as its own sovereign land. I just remembered all this last night on my flight to Houston. If someone does go ahead and bomb the problem, and a new land mass is created- then I take it all back. They are geniuses.

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