Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Simple tests to tell if someone is having a stroke

My father died of a stroke.  It happened over ten years ago in mid April, 2001 and I had returned from a trip to Marshall Space Flight Center (MSFC) so I was actually home and If I had known the information below I may have saved his life.  I will never know.  Here is hoping you do if you are ever placed in the same situation. (Maybe I'll write more about the actual events another time.)

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I also checked and  According to both the information is good.


F- FACE- check for numbness or weakness in the face by asking the person to smile.  If one side of the face droops or the person can't smile, it may mean stroke. The numberness or weakness is usually limied to one side of the face.

A-ARMS- look for muscle weakness. Ask the person to raise both arms with their eyes closed. If one arm drifts down or can't be raised, it may mean stroke. The person may also have trouble walking or keeping balance.

S- SPEECH- Ask the person to repeat a simple or phrase. If the speech is slurred or they have trouble remembering it may mean stroke.

T- TIME- Get Help immediately if any of the above test show signs of a stroke.  Call 911 or get the person to a hospital.  Tell emergency medical personnel you're dealing with a possible stroke, so they can start proper treatment right away.

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