Friday, March 9, 2012

Niel DeGrasse Tyson

Needless to say, I am a big fan.  And I agree to his clarion call to double NASA's budget, if given the proper mission (like say Solar Power Satellites).  Since he is in the news for his new book I'll share my favorite opinion he expressed on some talk show I saw.  Since I don't remember the show (might have been the "the Daily Show with Jon Steward") or the exact quote I'll summarize my best and please forgive (and comment) if I miss something.

Basically he starts with most of our political leaders are educated as lawyers and there are very few doctors, engineers, or scientists in political office.  He remembers from school that the people who became lawyers were the people who liked to argue and win- not necessarily be right- just win.  Is it any wonder that our leadership (or country) is in the shape it is in when the leaders are only concerned with winning an augment and not the merit of the agrument itself or even the fact the situtation more likely doesn't have a "right" versus "wrong" answer.

We cannot continue with this right versus wrong mentality.  We are ignoring too many problems.  I have a real problem when most of our leadership seems proud they don't understand the nuiances of a problem and will only respond with catch phases.

Neil, I feel close enough to him to refer to him first name only in this blog, was on Science Friday Audio Podcast last week.  I'll listen to it later on my phone, but in case you're interested this was the best link I could find:

look along the right side under recent episodes.

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