Monday, March 5, 2012

Japanese toys at the airport

Japan is know for its toys (or collectibles if you will).  I didn't get a lot free time when I was in Japan last month for work, but I did have some at the Osaka-kensi airport.  There is a small shopping mall that had a small toy store.  I really was expecting more, but of course it was an airport toy store, I get take this to cutesy videos.

Also note: according to the book a Whole-New-Mind (why isn't the Amazon Associates gadget working) Japan's biggest export is now pop culture.

This one is for you Stephanie!


Stephanie Barr said...

They do love their toys.

Of course, they're export of pop culture includes video games (they're key to most of the big ones, even if they company's in the US) and anime and manga are really big, too.

I'm personally immersed in manga and anime more than the games, but it's fascinating stuff.

rocketsciencesense said...

How about manga video games? The point of the book "A whole new mind" is that automation will change the economy. No longer (even if it still is now) will traditional careers be stable, creativity and a blending of the whole mind will be necessary.

I found that factoid surprising, most people think of the hardware (cars and electronics) when we think of Japanese exports.

Stephanie Barr said...

A great many people don't realize that Zelda and Final Fantasy and [insert the name of 9/10 popular games] were really developed in Japan.

Nor do they realize that Japan is behind Avatar, the Last Airbender and Hello Kitty and the Transformers animation. A lot of today's kid animation on TV is Japanese-based, actually, not just the stuff that's more obviously Japanese.

As for manga, those have inspired more than one child to read. My daughter's the one that got me hooked on it and I read it all the time now. The manga market in the US is still growing ($175 mil) and in Europe ($212 mil)(though it's declining in Japan but still big: $3.6 bil). In Japan, it's not a "kid" thing, either, as they have manga targeted for men and women of all ages.