Saturday, October 29, 2011

Runnings log: the first cold run of the season

I went running barefoot by the Yonkers waterfront yesterday after work.  The temperature did drop here in New York, but still not too bad (although I hear it is showing in Manhattan right now).  As I huffed along, a girl coming out of a resturant spotted me and said "What the f--, yo-- Purteo Rican style!" when she got over the shock of seeing me barefooting.  I proudly did a few fist-pumps and continued on my way. As I past another couple a guy did another double take and I heard him say "what- I am freezing in a coat and boots and that guy is in shorts and a t-shirt running barefoot!".  That one made me laugh, but I continued on.  Just an example of how resilient and adaptable the human body is.  (during this past summer- I limited the amount of air conditioning I used to save energy and you know what- I survived).

My posting has been off since graduate school and work has exploded, but I want to give an update.  Last winter, I completely stopped running and ate myself up to my heaviest every.  This winter I plan on getting back into shape for next summer.

So much more to say, but time is out for now.


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Relax Max said...

I would never say running barefoot in the cold is crazy. At least you are not one of those "polar bears" I read about who chip a hole in the ice in January. Or just run into the ocean on New Year's Day. Then I would call you crazy. :)