Monday, May 9, 2011

Weight (Fat) Loss Status Monday May 9th.

I made my weight goal for this week- losing 3 pounds as of May 8. My diet wasn’t perfect (bread is deadly) and I had to walk/run 9 miles on Sunday to make my goal and continue my streak of 20+ miles per week. I am a little sore (I incorporated a 4 mile walk to the library yesterday to help make my goal). Weather and other obligations made me miss a number of my daily 3 mile runs earlier in the week, but I pulled it off. Not the ideal situation, but I didn’t want to break my streak.

Current weight: <252

Six weeks with more than 20 miles per week walking/running

Neck: 18”

Since I was not ideal on my diet last week (I had starch a few days) and I was still able to make my goal I am setting my goal for this week at -4 pounds. (I am going to Las Vegas this weekend- but I remain optimistic on my ability to have fun and follow my diet while vacationing.)

Weight loss for the week: 4 pounds

Goal for May 16th: 248

Performance Goal: >20 miles running.

Midterm: May 30th, weight: <240, 3 miles <40 minutes

Long term: July 7 (my 37th birthday, ouch)-- <220, 3 miles <30 minutes

I still plan to start High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) when I am <240. I was so excited last week that I thought I could start, but my friend @(phattire) wisely told me to hold steady.


Jeff King said...

I stay off the scale, and focus on doing the work out and eating right. I hate stepping on the scale and seeing no weight loss… just keep doing it the right way, and you’ll achieve your goals. Never give up and don’t lose faith.

GTS said...

Sounds good my friend! Keep going dude! ~ Mofongo