Monday, May 23, 2011

Fat Loss Status Monday May 23th.

I missed updating last week so I will recap quickly. I missed my goal (<248) but went to 249.5- which at least got me below 250, a nice milestone. I also made my performance of >20 miles walking/running for the week. I set a personal 3-mile time of <39 minutes that felt great. I traveled to Las Vegas which was awesome and I gained confidence that this diet can work while traveling.

I lost another 3 pounds this week and I now weight 246 as of this morning. Another big accomplishment since I have now lost 30 lbs total since I started my diet. Yup, I weighted 276 lbs my heaviest ever back in early late March. Part of what I love about blogging is I now have a definite record of my status. My first fat loss blog was on April 5 when I weighed 266 lbs (I had already lost ten pounds at that point). So using that data I lost 20 lbs in 49 days for an averaged weight loss of .4 lbs per day!

I actually did a diet where I lost 1.1 pounds per day over 30 days so I know it is actually possible to lose weight ever faster than I am right now. However, since I gained all the weight back and more I do not recommend that diet. In addition this is a functional diet and also life-long. Once my weight normalizes I must work to always monitor myself and prevent gaining weight back.

What I learned so far: gluten is deadly. I can tell because I feel better and my digestion is better (which is judged by my “bathroom performance”). This was one of things I didn’t realize was a big issue. As stated in “Why we get fat” there is no essential carb and I think a large part of my problem is insulin resistance and gluten. I have stopped eating bread, pasta, and drinking beer. I lose weight and feel a lot better.

It does actually help to weigh yourself everyday to see how much your weight can fluctuate daily. Now that I have made a major milestone

One of the problems is I am doing so many different things it is hard to judge the biggest factors and how much my improvement is because of individual changes. I can only give you my impressions.

I failed this week to make >20 miles so my streak ended at seven weeks. I only got to 16 using endomondo app. I am actually pretty sure I walk an additional 4 miles overall, but my streak was recorded using endomondo so those are the rules.  I am also feeling fatigued from switching to a standing desk so I know that affected my running performance

Current weight: <246
more than 20 miles per week walking/running

Weight loss for the week: 6 pounds

Weekly and midterm Goal for May 30th: 240

Performance Goal: >20 miles running. <36 minutes (updated from previous <40 goal since I beat that a week ago.)

Long term: July 7 (my 37th birthday, ouch)-- <220 lbs, 3 miles <30 minutes , percent body <18%

Comments always welcome.


Bamboogie said...

Keep up the good work Frank! I too am having some weight issues and I am currently at my heaviest. I am starting to get some brisk walking in again eventually leading to running. I also overeat and love dessert. I'm working on controlling my food intake and will eventually have to keep a food diary of some sort. Best of luck.
John Bamberger

Unknown said...

you should be proud and keep it up, I recently experienced the feeling on the other side of pain after doing some precor for an hour, it made me happier than anything has for a long time, try to keep it up, but don't beat yourself up if you backslide just get back out there!

rocketsciencesense said...

Bamboogie, I really feel like it is not limited food intake as much as it is eating the right food. Breads really seem to be the problem. I will continue work more and report back as I learn more. That is exactly how I started. You can start really with anything. I suggest keeping some kind of log. Think how long it has really been since we talk. Think how long it has been since New Years. I can't believe it has been over 7-8 weeks already. Doesn't matter where or when you start, just start. It is where you finish.

rocketsciencesense said...

Ralph, Awesome. Yeah, it was a rough year for me. All we can do is keep on trucking. I have also relearned that you cannot control anything outside of yourself. and if you can control yourself you are way ahead of the game.

We should all get together sometime soon.

Sea Veg said...

I like your all of suggestion.