Monday, April 25, 2011

Success this week

I was in NOLA for a wedding and set a conservative goal for this week.  Somehow I dropped seven pounds! That was a big boost since last week I lost nothing. Of course, it is very humid in New Orleans and the wedding had a "second line", which is incredibly- A first for me.  After the wedding a band lead us through the streets playing music while the whole wedding party dances.  Amazing experience which I highly recommend for everyone at some point.

Weight today: 255

Goal for week: - 4 lbs

Weight goal, Sunday May 1st: <251

Mid range goal: May 22nd: 230 lbs

Long range goal: July 7th, 210 lbs. (haven't been this weight this millennium).

Ideal weight: 200lbs. (haven't weighed this since college)
I can't wait to run later!


GTS said...

Way to go!

Jeff King said...

Keep it up… attitude is everything.