Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Monday night we wandered around to find a I don’t really know what is going on in this sign, but it looks pretty strange. So either the fish is eating the pig or the pig finished eating the fish whole some time ago. Somehow we were able to resist the urge to go in.

A few streets down we came upon this place:

Of course I couldn’t resist with a place so “considerably small…” and small by choice. The sign made us all laugh. We entered and there were shoes neatly placed around the edge so we followed suit and removed our shoes. Once we were seated I actually didn’t feel the place was all that small. The waitress spoke no English so we ended up ordering three random dishes and figured out the place was actually a Korean restaurant. No one was disappointed and no food was left uneaten.

I did manage to make a spectacle of myself when I had to crawl along the bench between our table and the one next to us. There was no way I could stand so I just went with it. Apparently everyone at the table next to us was watching and as soon as I made it passed ready to reorient myself to stand one SOB at the next table walked past me into the small restroom. Curses, foiled again, so I just laid there until the rest was free.

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