Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Standing Desk- Warnings

I heard a few negative comments about my standing desk; actually less than I thought. Managers at work now ask me to sit during meetings- which I comply. (Note: best thing so far about a standing desk—I really appreciate a chance to sit down.)

Side note: People seem a little intimidated when I stand in the corner at a meeting. Psychology theory on body language states that being seated is the position of power- think the godfather who almost always sits or even better a king sits upon a throne (or a throne of swords for fans of Game of Thrones).

Again most comments have been positive or inquisitive. I did however receive two that I considered important enough to contemplate. One was from a friend that has a lot of experience breaking his own bones in the different competitive and fitness activities he pursues. He mentioned that prolonged standing may wear out joints and recommended taking L-glutamine supplements to counteract the effect. I am not sure if I will do that yet, but I will research it some more.

The second comment came from a neighbor with a background in health-care (nutrition, I believe) and she warned me about varicose veins. I did a search online and found that a cause of varicose veins is indeed prolonged standing, although it affects mostly women.

Part of why I converted to a standing desk was for health benefits over sitting. I feel the dynamic engagement of my leg, back, and ab muscle to maintain balance should be much better for you. I don’t know enough about it, but perhaps the increase in varicose veins in women is related to footwear. No way to know for sure, but just a guess.

In summary, I am going strong standing most of the day and overall I personally like it much better than sitting—although I do have the option to sit if I need to. They is no way for me to determine long term affects of standing versus sitting, but I figured I would put this out there for anyone with an opinion on the subject.

Thanks for reading, comments and sharing are always appreciated.


GTS said...

So, Mr. Hark, how long has this been now? And who was it who asked you to sit? Was it Bruin?
Wishing you the best,

Jeff King said...

If it works and you feel better that's all that matter... besides it has to be better than sitting, especially on your back.

I applauded your proactive efforts and hope you see the benefits, eat a lot of small meals, around five a day… build leg muscles and drink lots of water… that’s what you do if you want to increase your metabolism and lose weight easier.

rocketsciencesense said...

@ GTS, No, it most certainly wasn't, but since I now stand most of the time sitting is enjoyed!

Jeff, total agree, but I like to at least present alternate sides. I don't agree, but I reserve the right to be wrong. Time will tell.

ricardop pinto said...

well, I've been working standing at my desk for two weeks now and have found it surprisingly effortless - I do enjoy it when I do get to sit down - but, after the first day, I've not noticed at all that I am standing. That said, I do quite a bit of yoga - so, perhaps, this has prepared me for it. On the other hand, I am 51... Before that, I have spent decades working mostly at a desk sitting on a kneeling chair... I am a tad concerned about varicose veins - and would like to think - as you do - that it has to do with footwear *grin*