Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Standing Desk- 3 week report

I started on Wednesday May 18th- 14 days standing while working in the office so far.

So today is my third week with the standing desk. So far I love it. I took a big hit to my running time and I still haven’t recovered. Actually, that will be my real judge on how long it takes me to adjust to standing all day- when I again improve my best 3 mile time (currently <38 minutes). After three weeks I am almost there, but no quite. I have a general level of fatigue all the time and I sometimes have to skip my daily 3 mile run. I have still made my 20 mile a week performance goal two out of the last three weeks. I actually only missed it once out of the last eight weeks. In fact, once I lose a little more weight I may change my performance goal by reducing my total mileage down to 15 miles per week so I have more energy for my runs. I really feel that for fat loss a “less is more” tacit is appropriate and it is high intensity which give the body response of fat loss. (I really feel it is done with a hormone response- but no need to make a more specific determination- I just want the result.)

So I am still standing (pun intended) and I like it overall. I am tired at the end of the day, but I feel I am making progress. While I don’t feel the additional calories I burn lead to additional weight loss accepting this habit will reduce bounce back and weight gain in the long run.

To be continued…

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Jeff King said...

Keep it up bro... thx for keeping us posted.