Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Incredible Company: Moon Express


This is an excellent company that is making the future happen now-  In Huntsville, Alabama.

China recently landed something on the moon.  I see a future where Astronauts, Cosmonauts, and  Taikonauts meet on the moon and shake hands.

The future is now.  Now to the details:

Are you in Northern Alabama.  

A friend of mine is looking to hire someone with mechanical experience at Moon Express (www.moonexpress.com). They need to be good with their hands and they prefer someone with welding, plumbing, and mechanical experience. If you're smart, a quick learner, and are interested (or know someone that is) send me a message. Work will be full-time and will be about 60 hours week with overtime pay. Need to be available on weekends.

Please tell'em Frank sent you.

There is work to do.

Update: I actually found an underemployed TIG welder with 11 years experience and I have past his information along.  Let's wish them luck.

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