Monday, May 9, 2011

Weight (Fat) Loss Status Monday May 9th.

I made my weight goal for this week- losing 3 pounds as of May 8. My diet wasn’t perfect (bread is deadly) and I had to walk/run 9 miles on Sunday to make my goal and continue my streak of 20+ miles per week. I am a little sore (I incorporated a 4 mile walk to the library yesterday to help make my goal). Weather and other obligations made me miss a number of my daily 3 mile runs earlier in the week, but I pulled it off. Not the ideal situation, but I didn’t want to break my streak.

Current weight: <252

Six weeks with more than 20 miles per week walking/running

Neck: 18”

Since I was not ideal on my diet last week (I had starch a few days) and I was still able to make my goal I am setting my goal for this week at -4 pounds. (I am going to Las Vegas this weekend- but I remain optimistic on my ability to have fun and follow my diet while vacationing.)

Weight loss for the week: 4 pounds

Goal for May 16th: 248

Performance Goal: >20 miles running.

Midterm: May 30th, weight: <240, 3 miles <40 minutes

Long term: July 7 (my 37th birthday, ouch)-- <220, 3 miles <30 minutes

I still plan to start High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) when I am <240. I was so excited last week that I thought I could start, but my friend @(phattire) wisely told me to hold steady.
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