Thursday, June 3, 2010

The gulf oil spill

What on earth is going on? The accident occurred more than a month ago. It is almost at two months and to my knowledge it is still leaking. The president has now said that British Petroleum has the best technology to handle the situation.

You want a solution BP- Hire me. Put me in charge and I'll get it done. Even better- hire me to consult the guy in charge- put every resource available to stop this leak now. I am a risk, reliability, and safety consultant for NASA with over 10 years experience. I think a bunch of monkeys on LSD could come up with better solutions than I've heard coming from BP. I have heard for 10 years that off-shore drilling is safe and the oil companies have better technologies than NASA. I have also heard that this couldn't happen. Please hire me and I will sign a non-disclosure agreement and I will eat my hat if after a month with my help this leak has not stopped.

Even better the company I consult for (who contracts for NASA) has a whole reliablity and mission assurance team that can help and help today. (We are looking for work since the president of America decided to end American human space flight).

Or heck I'll do it for free and challenge you sir to a slap bet; your choice. The gauntlet has been thrown.

Or to President Obama- I have given the last 13 years in service to the space program as a consultant and you decided to cancel human space flight. I believe in this country and capitalism and corporations can to provide for the American people. We deserve better and I owe this country more than I have given. I can help- I know I can. Hire me as a government representative to oversee the oil companies- I already have a security clearance.

If you like what I wrote and agree- pass it on, if you do not like it- please let me know- I would love to hear from you.
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