Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Standing Desk- 5 day report (7 calendar days)

I started using the standing desk last week on Wednesday. I only sat down during lunch and for about an hour on Thursday while working the last five days (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, Today). On Tuesday (today) once 2PM hit my feet were tired and I felt it was time to finally take a break from standing. Just to recap I stood about six hours Wednesday, eight hours Thursday, nine hours Friday. This week I stood all day Monday except for about 15 minutes for lunch and all day until a half hour 1PM meeting where the project manager asked me to sit. I stood for half an hour and then had to sit.

Again, thankfully it only takes me about 2 minutes to convert from a sitting to a standing desk thanks to my cubicles configuration. I’ll post a picture and maybe a video next week.

Overall, so far I am a big fan. I spent a total of about 37 hours standing (6,8,9,8,6) when I normally would have been sitting. I feel pretty could and it has only been my first week. It has also affected my run performance adding about 7-8 minutes to my mile times. Yesterday I also felt my abs were sore during my run.

Since I am traveling tomorrow I plan on walking the two miles to the Train (Go mass transit) to make sure I get some exercise and I will also attempt to stand whenever possible. I am flying so I will have to spend some time sitting and the meeting room will not allow me a standing desk. My plan is to return stronger on Thursday.
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