Monday, May 2, 2011

No weight change this week, but feeling fit

No change in my weight this week, but I feel lighter. I am also moving faster and running more consistently. And since I didn’t lose anything two weeks ago before a big seven pound drop I am ok with it. I have run >20 miles each week for the last five weeks. I improved my time every week as well. When I lose more weight I will have to add a hole to my belt! I also will start tracking more- such as my measurements each week.

Current weight: 255

Goal for May 8: 252

Neck: 18”

Performance Goal: >20 miles running.

I am also adjust my midterm and longterm goal and dates:

Midterm: now on May 30th, weight: <240, 3 miles <40 minutes

Long term: July 7 (my 37th birthday, ouch)-- <220, 3 miles <30 minutes (66

days away!)

I will also start High Intensity Interval Training when I am <240. I am starting resistance training this week. I am going to start simple with 4 days – 1 muscle per day (upper body). I already feel fit, which is a great mental state to be in (especially since I still have a long way to go).

Just to reiterate how powerful blogging this effort has been. Aside from the positive re-enforcement everyone gives it really has kept me on track knowing I set public goals. I probably would have quit this diet a few times the last six weeks if I had not posted this publicly. The additional benefit of force me to track my weight and also using endomondo app really helps seeing the progress I have made. I actually cannot even belief I have been running more than 20 miles a week for the past five weeks. My starting weight was 276.

Until next time.
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