Monday, May 23, 2011

Fat Loss Status Monday May 23th.

I missed updating last week so I will recap quickly. I missed my goal (<248) but went to 249.5- which at least got me below 250, a nice milestone. I also made my performance of >20 miles walking/running for the week. I set a personal 3-mile time of <39 minutes that felt great. I traveled to Las Vegas which was awesome and I gained confidence that this diet can work while traveling.

I lost another 3 pounds this week and I now weight 246 as of this morning. Another big accomplishment since I have now lost 30 lbs total since I started my diet. Yup, I weighted 276 lbs my heaviest ever back in early late March. Part of what I love about blogging is I now have a definite record of my status. My first fat loss blog was on April 5 when I weighed 266 lbs (I had already lost ten pounds at that point). So using that data I lost 20 lbs in 49 days for an averaged weight loss of .4 lbs per day!

I actually did a diet where I lost 1.1 pounds per day over 30 days so I know it is actually possible to lose weight ever faster than I am right now. However, since I gained all the weight back and more I do not recommend that diet. In addition this is a functional diet and also life-long. Once my weight normalizes I must work to always monitor myself and prevent gaining weight back.

What I learned so far: gluten is deadly. I can tell because I feel better and my digestion is better (which is judged by my “bathroom performance”). This was one of things I didn’t realize was a big issue. As stated in “Why we get fat” there is no essential carb and I think a large part of my problem is insulin resistance and gluten. I have stopped eating bread, pasta, and drinking beer. I lose weight and feel a lot better.

It does actually help to weigh yourself everyday to see how much your weight can fluctuate daily. Now that I have made a major milestone

One of the problems is I am doing so many different things it is hard to judge the biggest factors and how much my improvement is because of individual changes. I can only give you my impressions.

I failed this week to make >20 miles so my streak ended at seven weeks. I only got to 16 using endomondo app. I am actually pretty sure I walk an additional 4 miles overall, but my streak was recorded using endomondo so those are the rules.  I am also feeling fatigued from switching to a standing desk so I know that affected my running performance

Current weight: <246
more than 20 miles per week walking/running

Weight loss for the week: 6 pounds

Weekly and midterm Goal for May 30th: 240

Performance Goal: >20 miles running. <36 minutes (updated from previous <40 goal since I beat that a week ago.)

Long term: July 7 (my 37th birthday, ouch)-- <220 lbs, 3 miles <30 minutes , percent body <18%

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