Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Standing Desk- Warnings

I heard a few negative comments about my standing desk; actually less than I thought. Managers at work now ask me to sit during meetings- which I comply. (Note: best thing so far about a standing desk—I really appreciate a chance to sit down.)

Side note: People seem a little intimidated when I stand in the corner at a meeting. Psychology theory on body language states that being seated is the position of power- think the godfather who almost always sits or even better a king sits upon a throne (or a throne of swords for fans of Game of Thrones).

Again most comments have been positive or inquisitive. I did however receive two that I considered important enough to contemplate. One was from a friend that has a lot of experience breaking his own bones in the different competitive and fitness activities he pursues. He mentioned that prolonged standing may wear out joints and recommended taking L-glutamine supplements to counteract the effect. I am not sure if I will do that yet, but I will research it some more.

The second comment came from a neighbor with a background in health-care (nutrition, I believe) and she warned me about varicose veins. I did a search online and found that a cause of varicose veins is indeed prolonged standing, although it affects mostly women.

Part of why I converted to a standing desk was for health benefits over sitting. I feel the dynamic engagement of my leg, back, and ab muscle to maintain balance should be much better for you. I don’t know enough about it, but perhaps the increase in varicose veins in women is related to footwear. No way to know for sure, but just a guess.

In summary, I am going strong standing most of the day and overall I personally like it much better than sitting—although I do have the option to sit if I need to. They is no way for me to determine long term affects of standing versus sitting, but I figured I would put this out there for anyone with an opinion on the subject.

Thanks for reading, comments and sharing are always appreciated.
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